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window side tape
  • window side tape
  • window side tape
  • window side tape
  • window side tape
  • window side tape
  • window side tape


    • Product Name:window side tape
    • Product Number:window side protection tape
    • Spec:48mmx33m
    • Color:red
    • Characteristic: PE Stucco Tape For Masking Surfaces During Stucco and Other Outdoor Applications
  • Details
  • Product Description 

    1. we can custom slit our stucco tape to any width required for a one  case minimum.we this tape is easy tear by hand don't need to serrated edges ,and it  adhere firmly to certain surfaces for 30 days and remove cleanly 

    2. Stucco Masking Tape is a UV resistant polyethylene tape used to temporarily mask surfaces during stucco application and painting.These tapes are often applied directly to window and door frames and sometimes used in conjunction with short term window protection films for added masking protection.Europe market also called it window side tape .we can also supply green ,blue ,orange and white color window side tape.


    • Suitable used during all weather

    • Use to mask windows and doors during masonry and stucco/plastering job

    • weather and uv resistant polyethylene tape

    • Ideal for both outdoor and indoor application

    • Easy to remove from a wide range of materials,including wood,masonry,vinyl,metal and glass.



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