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General Purpose Masking tape
  • General Purpose Masking tape
  • General Purpose Masking tape
  • General Purpose Masking tape
  • General Purpose Masking tape
  • General Purpose Masking tape
  • General Purpose Masking tape
  • General Purpose Masking tape


    • Product Name:General Purpose Masking tape
    • Product Number:N45
    • Spec:48mmx50m
    • Color:White
    • Characteristic: N45 is general purpose masking used for house painting.water based adhesive coated with crepe paper,it has good adhesion easy tear and no residuce,suitable for in-door painting,masking,bunding,light-duty packaging,tabbing. And resistant UV 7 days.
  • Details

    Use:general purpose masking,used for house painting

    Application:suitable for in-door painting,masking,bunding,light-duty packaging,Stainless steel door paint masking,packaging,bundling,holding,splicing Tabbing


    Color: White, Light Yellow,

    Adhesive Type: Water Based Acrylic

    Backing Material: Crepe Paper

    Thickness(um): 140

    Adh. to steel(N/in): ≧3.5-4.2

    Adh. to backing(N/inch): 2.8-3.8

    Tensile Strength(N/inch): ≧70

    Elongation(%): ≧10

    Heat Resistant(℃): 80

    Holding Power(hours): ≧8






    Customized Service: OEM,LCL acceptable,Semi-finished products also support,Packaging & Delivery

    Size recommendation

    Width: 12mm,16mm,18mm,19mm,20mm,24mm,25mm,30mm,36mm,38mm,48mm,50mm

    Length: 10m,20m,30m,50m/20y,30y,50y or customized.


    Masking Tape Jumbo Roll Size:

    1270mm(usable:1250mm)*1700m,1515mm(usable:1490mm ) * 1700m



    individual pack / shrink / accordion pack / individual roll with polybag / individual roll with round card


    ◆ WHY US

    1.Lowest price:keysun own paper manufacturer, coating, slitting and other companies and equipment

    2.Technical:keysun was founded in 1998, set the development, production and sales of Professional tape Enterprise

    3. Effective:With more than 17 years experience,keysun sale representative are professional and effective;

    4.Quality Guarantee:keysun have well-appointed test equipments(QC).We test the raw material and finished products quality during produce process.To avoid quality problem,Professional organization of product quality inspection report and environmental proof;

    5.Free Sample:We could offer clients sample before order.



    1.Masking tape is specially formulated high quality cured rubber-adhesive which is designed for no-residue removal after exposure to high temperatures.

    2. Resistant to solvents and paints.  

    3.It is widely used for bundling,holding,splicing and tabbing interior and outdoor painting,electronics,automobile,digital products,appliances,shoemaking,packaging,furniture industry etc.

    4.a wellprotected surface and sharp, clean lines by using our masking tape.It is removal with not residue.


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