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Keysun is a professional Masking tape-based production, research and development company group, and sales of building decoration materials factory,we have been exporting for 17 years.the product is suitable for automotive paint, interior decoration, or other special purposes, industry, electronic,etc.

We have

As one of leading tape producers in china, we have not only have 6 coating production lines ,and we have 20 set rewinding and cutting, but also different branches including: glue -masking factory, paper mill, printing factory and paper core making factory, we can do a very good product quality control, all aspects of the product because we have the participation of more than 6000 tons of raw material per year and 60 million square meters Masking tape, generating $ 25 million in sales. Committed to stability and development of product technology, updating equipment investment products.

What can we do for you

Customized Service: OEM products to supermarket, wholesale, LCL acceptable,Semi-finished products also support,Packaging & Delivery

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